This hackathon is focused on the creative side of technology. Use your skills to make something wonderful, arty, musical, or just plain old awesome. We're going to reflect this focus on creative technology in our hackathon! This is not a prototyping session for your new startup. We'll provide you with food, drink, electricity and WiFi, so that you can get on with the real work - making cool things!


About the university:

Goldsmiths is a world class institute for creative technology. This makes it the perfect place to host Anvil Hack. Goldsmiths is looking forward to welcoming you to our wonderful campus on the weekend of March 21st.

Hackathon Sponsors


Pebble Prize

There'll be one for each member of the winning team!

Estimote Prize

There'll be an estimote for each member of the winning team!

Best Hack

Best First Timers

Funniest Hack

JP Morgan Prize

Braintree Prize

Most Embarrassing Hack

Most Indispensable Hack

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Hugh Rawlinson

Hugh Rawlinson
President at Hacksmiths

Kurt Lee

Kurt Lee

Nevo Segal

Nevo Segal
President at Hacksmiths

John Stevenson

John Stevenson
Community Developer at Heroku & Salesforce

Judging Criteria

  • Awesomeness
    The X Factor - not the show!
  • Creativity
    How creative your hack is
  • Completeness
    How ready to use is your hack?
  • Presentation quality
    How good was your presentation?

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